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Castelsardo’s most beautiful beaches

Sardinia’s Northern coast is very captivating and perfect for those who love long stretches of sandy beaches. If you choose to spend your holidays in Castelsardo, the best way to discover the coast is via its beaches.

From Isola Rossa to Castelsardo, the coastline is not very rugged and features long stretches of sand.

Its exposure to winds, especially the famous Mistral wind coming from North-West, makes this beach perfect for surfing enthusiasts: kite surfing, long board and wind surfing can be practiced in this part of Sardinia.

Among Castelsardo’s most beautiful beaches we recommend the following, starting North.

Badesi Marina / Li Junchi

Li Junchi is a marvelous beach located north of Castelsardo, along the state road Castelsardo-Santa Teresa, about 25 minutes away. This beach is 7 km long and consists of golden colored sand with white overtones. It is also an excellent surfing spot. In August, a Long Board national event takes place here.

San Pietro

The beautiful San Pietro a Mare beach is situated in the Valledoria municipality, 18 km north of Castelsardo. This beach consists of thin cream colored sand, and the shore is full of colorful sea shells.

The beach is sheltered by the sand dunes in the back and pine and eucalyptus trees. As most of the coast North of Castelsardo, this too is a slice of heaven for wind surfing, kite surfing and surfing enthusiasts.

Prima Guardia/La Ciaccia

Prima Guardia beach is located near the hamlet of La Ciaccia, and it feature lightly golden colored sand. The crystal clear waters are shallow, which makes it perfect for families with children.